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Premium Lint Free Wipes White 13×18 SOLD BY: CASE OF 500


PRO Pop-Up Box Lint Free Wipes – 126 Cases SOLD BY: PALLET

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Bargain Lint Free Wipes 12×12 SOLD BY: 20LB CASE


1-3 cases $142.95 $0.12
4-7 cases $130.95 $0.11
8+ cases $188.95 $0.10


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  • 55% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) / 45% Polyester Spunlace
  • Size Varies: Average is 12″ x 12″
  • Count, size, and shade of blue varies
  • Typical Count: 1,200 wipes/case but it varies
  • Total Case Weight: 20 lbs (20x14x15)
  • Made in the USA!
  • 35 Cases/Pallet (48x40x74)
  • Buy a Skid and Save

When you want a rag that gets the job done and don’t care about looks, these Bargain Lint Free Wipes are exactly what you need. Look at them through your beer goggles and they’ll be gorgeous! These aren’t for supercritical Cleanroom applications but for servicing copy machines and printers, they work like a charm. I’m sure you’ll think of a lot of great applications.

These are packaged by the manufacturer as missed cuts from different grades, miscellaneous good quality material that varies in width, basis weight, and even the shade of blue. What you get in the box will vary from box to box. Don’t be surprised if, when you open the box, they aren’t all neat and tidy like our pretty photo. They are loose in the box. For the price, they simply can’t be beaten. It’s why we sell out of them so often.

Soft, strong, solvent resistant, and 99.9% lint-free. Sold by weight, not by count.


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