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Recycled Cut Bath Towel Rags 20×20 SOLD BY: 40LB CASE


New Irregular Terry Cloths 12×12 – 30 Cases SOLD BY: PALLET

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New Irregular Terry Towel Cleaning Rags 17×19 SOLD BY: 40LB CASE


1 case $173.95 $0.81
2-3 cases $159.95 $0.74
4+ cases $144.95 $0.67


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  • 100% Cotton
  • Irregular New Material
  • About 17″ x 19″
  • Hemmed on All Sides
  • 40 Pounds Total Weight (24x21x15)
  • 20 Cases/Pallet (42x48x78)
  • Buy a Skid and Save

One of our best sellers! These Irregular Terry Cloth Rags are what they are. GREAT cleaning rags minus the looks or charm of our usual Cotton Terry Towels.

They have flaws in their size and weight and might even have a few marks (an old boyfriend comes to mind?). But for a rag, you can’t get much better.

And just like a dating site, our photo may not look exactly like what you get. They are irregulars and no two rags, or boxes of rags, look exactly the same. If you expect variation and flaws, you will be very happy. Just like a dating site.

Available by the pallet if you want more at a discount.


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