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Bargain Lint Free Wipes 12×12 35 Cases SOLD BY: PALLET


Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes 12×12 – 24 Cases SOLD BY: PALLET

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Premium Lint Free Wipes White 13×18 – 60 Cases SOLD BY: PALLET


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  • 55% Cellulose / 45% Polyester
  • Size: 13″ x 18″
  • Spunlace
  • 10 Poly Bags of 50 Wipes/Case
  • 500 Wipes/Case
  • Total Case Weight: 13 lbs (13x13x14)
  • 60 Cases/Pallet (51x43x76)
  • Also available by the case

Spunlace – it may sound like a bad 80’s rock band but it’s actually a wonder-material that REALLY rocks!

These are the largest Spunlace rags we have. They are top of the pops, 99.9% Lint Free, solvent resistant, super strong, and contaminant free Wipes!

This brilliant non-cloth material also retains a soft cloth-life feel thanks to the crepe/embossing process and is also highly absorbent, wipes dry, doesn’t shred and is entirely disposable.


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